The next horizon - the Strategic Program Plan 2021-24

This year we finalised the evaluation of the VCCC Strategic Research Plan 2016-20 (SRP) and undertook the next stage of strategic planning to build upon our research-led, systems-changing achievements.

In 2020, the Victorian Government committed $27 million to the development and execution of the new VCCC Alliance Strategic Program Plan 2021-24 (SPP). Prior to this was 18 months of planning and prioritisation to formulate a roadmap of integrated, innovative and ambitious programs that tackle the complexities of cancer outcomes in Victoria.

The path to the SPP

Consultation for the SPP first began in early-2019. Hundreds of experts from across the alliance membership, regional affiliates, academic institutions, metropolitan and regional health centres, and the cancer sector in Victoria contributed to the development of priorities and conceptual plans for the SPP.

The resulting strategy is comprised of 10 interlinked programs, under four pillars of Discovery, Acceleration, Equity and Leadership.

Following the funding announcement in November 2020, expressions of interest were sought for SPP steering group membership. Well over 300 submissions from metropolitan and regional Victoria were received from 35 different institutions from right across the alliance and the broader cancer sector. These steering groups finalised plans early this year and will drive program implementation to mid-2024.

Consumers at the centre

It was of great importance that the plan be developed in partnership with consumers. This meant we started by asking why the work is important for patients, consumers and community. Putting that question first made a real difference to the prioritisation of work and the nature of the programs being developed. It meant the direction stayed focused on patient benefit.

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