Building an equal playing field

Equity is considered in everything we do at VCCC Alliance and has been a key focus in 2022-23, with dedicated programs that aim to truly improve outcomes for Victorians with cancer, no matter who or where they are.

Improving equity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Working closely with community-controlled organisations, significant gains were made this year to improve cancer outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people.

Read more about the VCCC Alliance’s role in advocating for the Federal Government’s $260 million investment in a new National Lung Cancer Screening Program.

Collaboration with VACCHO

A memorandum of understanding was signed in May with the Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (VACCHO) which will support collaborative work on the cancer journey strategy, Victorian Aboriginal Research Accord, and lung cancer screening research work.

World Indigenous Cancer Conference 2024

VCCC Alliance was confirmed as the host organisation of the third World Indigenous Cancer Conference, 18-20 March 2024, following an invitation from the University of Queensland’s Professor Gail Garvey.

The co-convenors are:

  • Associate Professor Kalinda Griffiths, VCCC Alliance Research and Education Lead Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health
  • Ms Lea Bill, Executive Director, First Nations and Inuit Health Branch
  • Dr Angeline Letendre, Lead Scientist, Community Research Stream from the Alberta Cancer Prevention Legacy Fund

Kalinda KWP small 16x9

Associate Professor Kalinda Griffiths will be a featured speaker at the World Indigenous Cancer Conference 2024.

Regional innovations

Significant progress was made in efforts to close the gap in care and outcomes for those affected by cancer in regional areas compared to metropolitan areas.

Collaborative agreements were signed to forge formal links between the VCCC Alliance and seven regional centres. These agreements will provide access to programs and initiatives that will boost cancer care, research, and clinical trials in the regions to benefit their patients and communities. The regional sites are:

CU Quote 2023

Four health services employed a Regional Partnership Officer. A Regional Partnership Implementation Manager was appointed in January.

Work is underway to finalise further collaboration agreements to enhance capacity building and upskilling of the cancer workforce across the VCCC Alliance Regional Program partners.

To support the implementation of teletrials and increase uptake in regional areas, programs have focused on educating and upskilling the clinical trial workforce, as well as advocating and increasing awareness of the benefits of teletrials for patients.

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