New Strategic Business Case 2024

It’s time to review and refresh the VCCC Alliance strategy and build a new business case as we continue our efforts to overcome cancer together.

As an alliance organisation built on principles of collaboration for impact, consultation with our stakeholders is critical. Consultation with our many and diverse stakeholders, will help us craft a strategy that truly encompasses our collaborative work and reflects new challenges and opportunities.

The updated strategy will form the basis for a new business case to put forward to the Victorian Government with the aim of securing our work beyond 2024.

At each stage of this project, we’ll be seeking feedback from key stakeholders and all our alliance partners.

How we’re gathering feedback

To ensure our strategy is an accurate reflection of the alliance, it’s important that all voices are heard. A range of VCCC Alliance member organisations are already represented through involvement via the Board, the Strategy and Business Case Advisory Group, expert committees and advisors with particular experience in equity and diversity.

We’ll be reaching out to stakeholders at multiple points of the process with opportunities for input through in-person feedback sessions and online channels.  We welcome feedback and questions at any stage. 

Check this page to track our progress. We’ll also provide regular updates direct to key stakeholders.

Questions? Get in touch   

If you’d like to know more about this project, don’t hesitate to get in touch:

[email protected]

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