Our Mission

Harness the capabilities of our partners to position Victoria as a trailblazer in research-led, consumer-engaged cancer education, prevention, detection, treatment and care.

One of the highest cancer rates in the world

Cancer is the largest disease burden in Victoria and the largest single cause of death in our community. While our survival rates are good on an international comparison, outcomes for many cancers remain unacceptably poor.

Better identification, treatment and management of cancer in Victoria has resulted in vast improvements in overall cancer survival. The latest five year survival rates are 69 per cent for 2013-18. New technologies, discoveries and better evidence-based care are extending lives and improving quality of life for people living with, and beyond, cancer.

Despite these advances, cancer remains a major health problem and the disparities are widening. Cancer type, where a person lives, their cultural identity and their socio-economic status are key determinants of outcomes.

Complex problem; collaborative solution

To effect a tangible shift in a disease as wide-reaching as cancer requires deliberate collaboration at every level.

That's why the Victorian Government has backed our alliance from the outset, believing that the collective resources, expertise and capability of our members together with a philosophy of collaboration, had the potential to produce significant gains and to impact critical measures such as access to clinical trials, survivorship and life expectancy for people affected by cancer.

Our overarching strategy centres on three key pillars:

  1. Mobilise and extend the collective and diverse strengths of VCCC Alliance members,
  2. Advocate for practice and policy improvements, and
  3. Translate: Be a cutting-edge platform for translating new evidence into practice.

Our work is underpinned by our guiding values of ‘patient-centred, bold, for all and better together’, and we are single-minded in our goal of improving cancer care and achieving better outcomes for patients with cancer in Victoria and beyond.

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