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01 Oct 2022
  • University of Melbourne
  • VCCC Alliance
VCCC Alliance Biostatistics Workshop | Online | 9am-5pm

VCCC Alliance Biostatistics Workshop

Learn how to interpret the reporting of statistical results in clinical studies

Medical oncology, radiation oncology and surgery trainees are invited to attend this bespoke one-day course for an introduction to interpreting the reporting of statistical results in clinical studies, focusing on oncology trials.

What is the difference between statistical significance and clinical significance and how do you make decisions about the real-world relevance of either?

This workshop is designed as an introductory level workshop for medical trainees from medical oncology, radiation oncology and surgery (oncology focus) who want to better understand how to interpret the reporting of statistical results. The workshop will delve into what is the research question, what is being estimated and interpretation of confidence intervals and p-values. Time-to-event outcomes will also be introduced as there are common outcome measures in cancer studies.

Designed for the non-statistician, it will explore ideas such as:

  • defining your research question using the PICOT framework;
  • the importance of effect sizes and confidence intervals;
  • how to interpret confidence intervals and P-values and;
  • interpretation and misuse of P-values, including selective reporting.

Facilitated by Dr Karen Lamb and Professor Julie Simpson from the Methods and Implementation Support for Clinical and Health research (MISCH) Hub and Biostatistics Unit, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health (MSPGH), The University of Melbourne.

This workshop is free to participants from VCCC Alliance member organisations, however there is a cost to convene sessions and non-attendance after registering will mean someone else will miss out. Please only register if you can reliably expect to attend.

For further information or for medical trainees requiring a promo code to register contact Dr Vino Pillay, VCCC Alliance Program Manager, Distributed Leadership, vpillay@unimelb.edu.au

Saturday 1 October 2022

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