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11 Oct 2023
  • VCCC Alliance
In-Person | 3.00–6.00pm

Clinical cohorts, biobanks and translational models

Biospecimens and clinical data in biobanks, rapid autopsy programs and registry trials can be invaluable for researchers to advance their work. But what resources are out there, and how can they be accessed? Join us to learn about the resources available from across the VCCC Alliance, directly from the researchers and developers who developed them.

The resources within biobanks, rapid autopsy programs, registry trials and clinical cohorts can be invaluable for researchers to advance their work. A wide range of these resources are available right now to support translational research across the VCCC Alliance.

This event will bring you face-to-face with the researchers and clinicians who have developed these resources for an evening of information and networking. You'll have the opportunity to learn what's available and how to access it, ask the big questions, and interact with the speakers to discuss future collaboration.

We'll dive into real examples of how biospecimens and data collected as part of clinical trials have been used to successfully conduct translational research.

You will learn:

  • What resources are available in biobanks, rapid autopsy programs and registry trials across the VCCC Alliance to advance your research
  • How clinical data and biospecimens can be utilised in your research
  • Where the resources are located and how to access them
  • Where to go to get more information, or who to contact for collaboration.

You don't need to have a specific research need in mind - join us to see what's available to support you with future studies!

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Featured speakers

Professor Clare Scott
Laboratory Head, Stafford Fox Rare Cancer Program, WEHI

Dr Louise Ludlow
Tissue Bank Coordinator, Children Cancer Centre Biobank, MCRI

Professor Peter Gibbs
Laboratory Head, WEHI

Dr Jim Whittle
Laboratory Head, Brain Cancer Centre, WEHI

Ms Lisa Deveraux
Manager, BROCADE, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Ms Sonia Mailer
Project Manager, Melanoma Research Victoria, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre


Associate Professor Tracy Putoczki
Lab Head, WEHI

Professor Paul Neeson
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre; The University of Melbourne

Dr Delphine Merino
Lab head, Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute

Professor Isabelle Lucet
Lab Head, WEHI

Associate Professor Belinda Parker
Lab Head, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Wednesday 11 October
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