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13 Oct 2021
  • VCCC Alliance

Conquering Cancer: Making History by Eliminating Cervical Cancer Everywhere.

The VCCC Alliance is delighted to present a special virtual screening of the documentary film, Conquering Cancer, Making History by Eliminating Cancer Everywhere.

Hear the inspiring story of women who have tackled cervical cancer, and the fight towards eliminating the disease by 2050. Join Professor Sanchia Aranda AMDeputy Chair of the VCCC Alliance, who will head an informative Q&A session with experts in the field.



About the film

Can you imagine a world without cancer? For the first time in human history, the elimination of a cancer – cervical cancer – is possible. Eliminating this preventable disease is already a remarkable Australian success story. Now we must make it a global reality.

An action of this scale has the power to shape history, a movement so forceful it is referred to as a ‘moonshot’. When NASA sent man to the moon we were presented with a literal moonshot, but Conquering Cancer is not a journey to the moon, it is a journey to the future.

Travelling from Australia to Malaysia; Zambia to the USA; Colombia to Switzerland, you’ll meet the inspiring women who have faced cervical cancer head on. Their stories are full of wisdom, determination and heart, and their triumph will give you hope for a cervical cancer free world.

Conquering Cancer is definitive film with a soaring ambition: to accelerate the elimination of cervical cancer for every woman and girl. It will show you what needs to be done to achieve this incredible feat and save the lives of an estimated 62 million women.

Panel host

MC Sanchia

Professor Sanchia Aranda AM
Deputy Chair of the VCCC Alliance


Associate Professor Orla McNally
Consultant Gynaecological Oncologist, Director Oncology/Dysplasia Royal Women's Hospital, Honorary Clinical Associate Professor, University of Melbourne, Director Gynaecology Tumour Stream, Parkville

Professor Marion Saville AM
Executive Director, VCS Foundation Ltd. 

Ms Kate Allen, cervical cancer survivor

Ms Sandy Anderson OAM, primary health nurse, specialist in cancer prevention and women’s health, Ballarat and District Aboriginal Cooperative 

Special virtual screening ticket price $10 (USD $7.50)
Wednesday 13 October

More information on the Conquering Cancer Campaign 

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