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20 Apr 2020
  • VCCC Alliance
  • Monash Partners Comprehensive Cancer Consortium

COVID-19 and Cancer in Victoria: Models of Care

Monday Lunch Live Stream

The current COVID-19 pandemic raises critical clinical questions and challenges for health professionals seeking to continue optimal care for patients with cancer. The VCCC is pleased to partner with the Monash Partners Comprehensive Cancer Consortium (MPCCC) to present our next special COVID-19 edition of Monday Lunch Live stream.

Edition 3: 
Models of Care for patients with cancer during the COVID-19 Pandemic – innovation, adaptation, compassion

What impacts are COVID-19 precautions and safety measures having on how we deliver patient care?  Are there changes and what do these mean for patients and practitioners?

Danielle Spence, Head of Division, Strategy and Support at Cancer Council Victoria, will moderate an interactive forum that will pose the questions that patients want answered. The panel will explore how telehealth and other models of care such as secondary referrals, additional support services and altered treatment regimens are ensuring optimal care while balancing the complexities of health care delivery during a pandemic.

Online audience members will have the opportunity to submit questions.


Key concerns coming through cancer support helplines
Katherine Lane
Head of Cancer Information and Support Services, Cancer Council Victoria

Primary care during pre-diagnosis and follow up care
Professor Jon Emery
Herman Chair of Primary Care Cancer Research, Medicine, Dentistry And Health Sciences Division, University of Melbourne

Telehealth cancer care and treatment
Associate Professor Kate Burbury
Consultant Haematologist, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Telehealth – a patient’s perspective
Nathalie Cook


Danielle Spence
Head of Division, Strategy and Support, Cancer Council Victoria


Monday Lunch Live Stream
Monday 20 April 2020

In accordance with our COVID-19 precautions our Monday Lunch Live series will be run online only until further notice.

Monday Lunch Live will be streamed via the Go-To Webinar platform. Go-To Webinar is accessible on your computer, tablet or phone via the Go-To app. If you have any issues with this platform on your device, please visit the Go-To Webinar support site. Alternatively, please contact your IT administrator.

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