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11 Aug 2022
  • VCCC Alliance
  • Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
  • University of Melbourne
Engaging consumers in nurse led practice change | Online | 1.30pm-3.00pm

Engaging consumers in nurse-led practice change

Learn how to actively include consumers to influence and evaluate clinical practice change.

Nurses who work with people with cancer and who have an interest in building their clinical and research skills are invited to attend this workshop. The workshop will explore best practice principles of consumer engagement and the ways that the consumer voice can enhance different stages of projects – from informing to consumer led.

This special event draws on examples to facilitate a discussion around how nurses can actively include consumers to influence and evaluate clinical practice change. 

We will be using nurse-led research examples to highlight the power and value of consumer engagement and provide an opportunity for Q&A with our expert presenters.



Chair: Professor Meinir Krishnasamy

Professor Mei Krishnasamy is Professor/Director of the Academic Nursing Unit at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and the VCCC Alliance Research & Education Lead, Cancer Nursing. She is the program champion for the VCCC Nurse-led Research Program and is honorary Professor of Cancer Nursing at the University of Melbourne.

Co-Chair: Dr Joanne Britto

Dr Joanne Britto is the Manager of Consumer Involvement at the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre Alliance. With 25 years’ experience in medical research and PhD in neuroscience, Joanne’s interest in public outreach is aimed at enhancing community awareness of science. In her current role, Joanne actively embeds the consumer perspective into program design and implementation through initiatives that formalise the role of consumers and establish quality partnerships. Joanne combines skills in medical research, education and communication to cultivate knowledge sharing and advance effective practice through collaborative opportunities.

Sharan Ermel

Sharan Ermel is a rare cancer survivor – diagnosed with pseudo myxoma peritoneii in late 2015, and undergoing cyto-reductive surgery with HIPEC/EPIC in December 2016.

Currently, she is on a surveillance program – regular pathology and imaging to identify potential recurrence. She brings a fairly unique perspective, not only is it a rare cancer, which doesn’t conform to “standard” treatment regimes, but she is also a registered nurse.

Catherine Devereux

Catherine Devereux, MApSci, BEd, DipApSci, TAE, is a Project Manager, Co-Design Researcher, Education Designer and Clinician. Recent contracts have been with the Victorian Government, University of Melbourne, Vision Australia and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. Since 2017 Catherine has led 4 co-design projects with patients and carers affected by cancer. Catherine’s interest and expertise is in co-designing and producing experiential, person-centred, health-promoting resources and programs.

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