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19 Sep 2022
  • University of Melbourne
  • VCCC Alliance
  • St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne
Monday Lunch Livestream | Webinar | 1.00–2.00PM

Monday Lunch Livestream: Can telehealth be used for effective palliative care?

The widespread adoption of telehealth in clinical care requires careful scrutiny to ensure that the opportunities and challenges are fully understood, including for fields such as palliative care.

Join Professor Jennifer Philip for this MLL considering the impact of telehealth on palliative care delivery.

This presentation will consider the impact of telehealth on palliative care delivery based on research undertaken with patients and clinicians in Victoria and elsewhere. The longer term implications of telehealth delivery of clinical palliative care services will also be discussed.

Those attending can expect to learn: 
- awareness of current state of evidence
- prompt deeper consideration of the advantages and limitations of telehealth
- consideration of future care delivery using telehealth platforms

Professor Jennifer Philip
Chair, Palliative Medicine, University of Melbourne & St Vincent's Hospital

Professor Jennifer Philip is the Chair of Palliative Medicine, University of Melbourne, St Vincent’s Hospital and in collaboration with the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, and heads the Palliative Nexus Research Group. Jennifer is a palliative care clinician, researcher and teacher. Her research focuses on improving access and equity to high quality care for people with advanced illness, increasing public awareness of options for care in this setting and improving the evidence base underpinning symptom management.

Monday 19 September
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