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04 Oct 2021
  • VCCC Alliance
  • Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Monday Lunch Livestream Cancer Nursing Special

Cancer nurses - delivering innovations in cancer care and treatment

Join a stellar panel of nurses working at the cutting-edge of cancer care at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Austin Health and Royal Children's. Hosted by Professor Mei KrishnasamyDirector of Academic Nursing Unit at Peter Mac and VCCC Alliance Research & Education Lead, Cancer Nursing, this special event will focus on the breadth and complexity of the work cancer nurses do every day from targeted therapies to complex transplant patient management, clinical trials, paediatric care and more. 

Nurses from a range of disciplines will talk about the nature of their work, and how they integrate science, compassion, leadership and critical decision-making to influence patient experience and clinical outcomes in every location of care.


Immunotherapy and Targeted therapies – the nursing role
Dr Donna Milne, Nurse Consultant - Melanoma, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Complex transplant patient management
Andrea Cameron, Clinical Nurse Specialist - Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, Austin Health

The role of clinical trial nurses
Marian Lieschke, Manager - Parkville Cancer Clinical Trials Unit

Home based chemotherapy models of care
Chris Williams, Nurse Consultant - Paediatric Integrated Cancer Service, Royal Children's Hospital

Professor Meinir Krishnasamy

Professor Meinir Krishnasamy

Professor Mei Krishnasamy is Professor/Director of the Academic Nursing Unit at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and the VCCC Alliance Research & Education Lead, Cancer Nursing. She is the program champion for the VCCC Alliance Nurse-led Research Program and is honorary Professor of Cancer Nursing at the University of Melbourne.

Monday 4 October