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8 Aug 2022
  • Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
Monday Lunch Livestream | Webinar | 1pm - 2pm

Peter Mac's Men's Shed - tackling men's health from every angle

Health and wellbeing is much more than physical. In this Monday Lunch Live, discover how Peter Mac's Men's Shed is helping to reduce social isolation, improve wellbeing and create an environment where men can share experiences and be supported.

Discover how a special Peter Mac Men’s Shed is helping men going through or recovering from a cancer experience, as well as their carers, family and friends.

Men's Sheds promote men's health and aims to reduce health disparities, providing a safe space for men to come together and participate in a variety of activities.

Given that the cancer experience can be limiting on one’s physical ability to be involved in the community, the Peter Mac Men’s Shed is easily accessible, provides equipment and tools that can be used by all abilities and hosts a variety of events and education sessions aimed at minimising barriers to participation.

A monthly Men’s Shed online support group provides cancer specific education and support for the 'Sheddies', guest speakers include psychologists, dietitians, social workers, oncologists and more, while fly fishing retreats offer men the opportunity to build positive relationships and offer respite.   

The Peter Mac Men’s Shed is open to all patients and carers from the Parkville precinct.

Join us to hear how and why the project was established and the many and varied benefits it is providing to participants.


Geri McDonald, Director of Prevention and Wellbeing, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

John Howarth, Men's Shed member

Chaired by Carla D’Amico, Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse, Austin Health 


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