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20 Oct 2022
  • VCCC Alliance
  • University of Melbourne
THINKWELL WORKSHOP | Online | 10am-12pm

Imposter Syndrome: Why successful people often feel like frauds

A Thinkwell Workshop: Why successful people often feel like frauds

This session will explain why high-performing people often doubt their abilities and find it hard to enjoy their successes. Join to find the links between perfectionism and self-handicapping practices, and leave with tools to overcome these habits.

How can so many clever, competent and capable people feel like they are just one step away from being exposed as a fraud? Despite evidence they are performing well, they can still have that lurking fear that at any moment someone is going to tap them on the shoulder and say, "we need to have a chat".

At the end of this session you will:

  • know what the latest psychological research tells us about imposter syndrome and how it operates
  • realise how widespread imposter feelings are and why highly successful people can feel like frauds
  • be aware of evidence-based strategies that reduce imposter feelings

Maria Gardiner and Hugh Kearns have worked as an award-winning team for the past fifteen years. They are well known as leading practitioners and researchers in cognitive behavioural coaching. As well as publishing ten books that have sold many thousands of copies, they are regular contributors to Australian media, including a popular segment on ABC radio. Their particular expertise is in working with high performers and they have a long history of providing specialist services to the medical and academic professions.

Maria and Hugh have worked with thousands of doctors and a large number of doctors' organisations across Australia. Currently, they are working with the Adelaide to Outback GP Training Program to roll out the most comprehensive, evidence-based wellbeing programs for GP registrars in Australia.

They have also worked with more than three-quarters of Australia's universities. Thousands of PhD students and academics have attended their workshops or bought their books. They have also published in the United Kingdom, and conduct workshops in the United States, UK and Ireland. Three articles based on their work have been published in the journal Nature.

For more information visit: https://www.ithinkwell.com.au/services-imposter-syndrome

This workshop will incur a $50 commitment to attend fee for medical specialists. Nurses, allied health and researchers are eligible for a 25% discount and students, trainees and consumers are eligible for a 50% discount. This is in place to address attrition and partially offsetting the cost of convening the sessions. Please only register if you are available to attend both sessions. There is also an expectation that 1-2 hours of supplied pre-work will be completed prior to the first workshop.

Thursday 20 October 2022
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