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06 May 2019

Building a clinical trial pipeline

  • VCCC Alliance
  • Royal Children's Hospital

From a scientific background, Yan Tu wants to see how research translates to patient care.

“This internship allows me to have the opportunity to see the fruition of a lot of the benchside research. What this internship has offered, is to open up doors to working with patients and seeing them benefit from the research and having an impact on their life.”

Yan is a Study Coordinator intern undertaking placement at the Royal Children’s Hospital through the VCCC SKILLED Program.

The SKILLED internship program provides a tailored competency framework for the roles of Clinical Trials Assistant and Study Coordinator. The framework has been developed with a quantitative assessment grading system, based on relevant international existing competencies.

Interns build role-specific knowledge and gain on-the-job training with VCCC alliance partners and collaborators in metro and regional locations.

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