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14 Jul 2021

Evolving to the VCCC Alliance

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In 2009 the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre was incorporated as a multi-partner joint venture with the aim of “delivering greater value in education, research and clinical services than each member organisation could achieve alone”.  

Now, this is a functional reality with the VCCC Joint Venture (JV) operating as a dynamic, progressive, system-changing alliance of 10 member organisations working together to deliver benefits across the Victorian cancer sector and ultimately to patients. 

The success of this endeavour highlights the unique place the VCCC Joint Venture (alliance) has filled in the cancer ecosystem, fulfilling previously unmet needs and creating new collaborative momentum in the sector. 

In recognition of this continuously expanding role; the potential for further growth and inclusion - particularly in regional and rural Victoria, and the need for some distinction from the VCCC building, the Board has endorsed the formal inclusion of the word ‘Alliance’ into the name of the joint venture. 

Beyond the building

The VCCC building will continue to be known as the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre but now the distinction of the joint venture as the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre Alliance (VCCC Alliance) will more clearly differentiate and communicate the collaborative and statewide nature of the entity. Furthermore, it will provide a more inclusive identity for members and partners beyond Parkville – including new regional Affiliate Partners - and clearly communicate the growing reach of the alliance. 

This formalisation as the VCCC Alliance will support the ongoing growth and maturation of the association of multiple institutes. At the same time, the name ‘VCCC Alliance’ ensures continuity of brand and an ongoing, valued connection to the exceptional Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre building as a hub and focus for cancer excellence in the state. 

This evolution to the VCCC Alliance is a testament to the success of the JV and will support awareness of our extraordinary collaborative asset, regardless of where they live. 

Old logo

Old logo

New logo

New logo

The adoption and implementation of the updated VCCC Alliance logo will begin in stages from 2 August 2021. To receive a copy of the new brand guidelines after this date, please contact: 

Janie Sweeney, VCCC Alliance Community Communications Manager.

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