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09 Feb 2021

Investigator-initiated trials survey

  • VCCC Alliance
  • Melbourne Academic Centre for Health

In 2020, a new IIT Toolkit was made available on the VCCC website to provide the Victorian clinical trials sector with a one-stop-shop to understanding and implementing an investigator-initiated trial.

Toolkit users are invited to complete a short survey, taking around five minutes to identify how the toolkit can be further developed and improved. The VCCC and Melbourne Academic Centre for Health (MACH), with assistance from the Melbourne Children's Trials Centre, coordinated the resource. 

The Investigator-Initiated Trials toolkit guides researchers through the clinical trial life-cycle - from idea to implementation, and provides access to advisory guidance, links, downloadable resources and process graphics. It has exemplar resources, (provided with permission from host institutions) for researchers, including non-oncology researchers, to use and adapt to meet the needs of their trial or institution. 

Complete toolkit survey

For more information on the IIT Toolkit or survey, please contact Kate Scarff, Senior Project Officer, e: kate.scarff@mcri.edu.au

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