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01 Dec 2022

Picchi Award winners honoured at ceremony

  • VCCC Alliance
  • Picchi Brothers Foundation

VCCC Alliance Executive Director Professor Grant McArthur has commended the three recipients of the 2022 Picchi Awards on their award-winning research projects.

Irene Deftereos, Asha Bonney and Wenxin Hu were presented with their awards at a ceremony hosted at the VCCC building on November 21 and attended by Prof McArthur and representatives of the Picchi Brothers Foundation.

Prof McArthur thanked the Picchi Brothers Foundation for supporting the award for the past 10 years, noting that previous recipients have gone on to successful careers. “This is a fantastic investment in bright minds of the future,” Prof McArthur said.

Picchi Brothers Foundation Chair, Joseph Lukaitis, said the Foundation had awarded $1.7m in funding and grants, including to 24 Picchi Award recipients, since 1993.

Each award is a $10,000 grant to recognise and develop students among VCCC Alliance members, based on their productivity and PhD work.

The winning three researchers presented their findings to the audience at the ceremony, which was also broadcast online.

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