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04 May 2023

VCCC Alliance launches Australia-first tool for clinical trial metrics

  • VCCC Alliance
  • Melbourne Academic Centre for Health

For the first time in Australia, clinical trial metrics have been compiled into a single online resource that allows users to search and filter through any metric routinely reported in Australia.

What are clinical trial metrics?

Clinical trial metrics are data points that provide insight into operational performance, and are powerful tools for assessing progress, decision-making, and measuring the strength of evidence used in clinical trials.

Why are clinical trial metrics important?

Clinical trial metrics are an incredibly useful tool for business and quality improvement. Clinical Trial Units need to understand how to use metrics to help make informed decisions about the way a clinical trial is delivered.

Reporting on clinical trials is mandatory for all hospitals and institutions where trials are being run, and both the Department of Health and the National Clinical Trial Governance Framework now require detail on different metrics.

Compliance with these reporting frameworks not only fosters sound clinical trial practice but ensures patient safety and good-quality trial outcomes.

How can I use the resource?

The new resource means a Clinical Trial Unit Manager can access the website and search for any metric they might need, learn about it, what it might be useful for, how to collect it, report it, and who requires it from a reporting perspective.

Duncan Colyer, Senior Manager, Clinical Research at the VCCC Alliance, said the new resource would give clinical trial units a welcome boost in business efficiency.

“Metrics are something everybody talks about as a nut to crack, and they’re a critical piece of the puzzle when it comes to advancing cancer care,” he said.

“We tried to find the best way to support Clinical Trial Unit Managers to collect metrics, and this web page and booklet will make it easier for them to evaluate the performance and delivery of their studies.”

The resource is an important addition to the clinical trial landscape in Australia, providing easy access to critical information that can help researchers deliver better trials and ultimately improve patient care.

Explore the new Metrics hub here.

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