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28 Mar 2022

Patient Advisory Committee – Share your insights

Patient-Partnered Research Program

Have your say on the development of a new national project that will help shape the future of cancer research in Australia.

We’re seeking applications from cancer consumers* across Australia to form a national Patient...

This is a research program that moves beyond investigating a single cancer type, treatment strategy, or demographic, using a radically open model that can accelerate research across all cancers. The PAC will provide strategic advice and direction to ensure our work represents patient interests at every stage. 

Including the patient voice is key to the success of this project. We want cancer consumers to be active partners at every stage of this program, from design to implementation and review. 

* A cancer consumer is defined as a past, present, or potential user of a cancer service. This includes patients, people caring for someone with cancer, and family members or friends.

Your role as part of the PAC

Using your recommendations, we’ll work to maximise patient engagement, recruitment, and retention around Australia. Working alongside us, PAC members will act as ambassadors for the program in each state, and at a national level, to promote the importance and value of this program to patients, healthcare providers, patient advocates, and other key stakeholders. 

PAC members will meet approximately quarterly (more frequently if required). Members will be expected to review papers before each meeting. There may be follow-up tasks that interested members can choose to engage with. 

The VCCC Alliance is seeking applications for two Committee roles:

  • PAC Members: highly motivated cancer consumers to form the PAC.
  • PAC Chair: an influential leadership position for a cancer consumer to Chair the PAC.

PAC Members

We are seeking cancer consumers with:

  • demonstrated ability to work collaboratively
  • excellent networking, information sharing and communication skills
  • ability to provide strategic advice, knowledge, skills, and experience to inform timely decisions
  • experience working with researchers (desirable)
  • skills in reviewing research proposals and other written communications for a range of audiences (desirable). 

PAC Chair

The PAC Chair will oversee the strategic direction of the PAC, leading a dynamic and passionate committee to ensure expertise and lived experience is incorporated across our program’s design and delivery.

The Chair will provide regular advice and recommendations from the PAC to the Patient-Partnered Cancer Research Program Director and the VCCC Alliance Executive Director to ensure the consumer voice is represented across all program activities. This work will include working directly with the VCCC Alliance Patient Partnerships Lead to set the direction for each PAC meeting, reviewing program materials, communicating with PAC members and participating in other program tasks as required.

We are seeking a motivated cancer consumer with:

  • demonstrated collaborative consumer leadership in the health sector
  • demonstrated experience and involvement in a consumer committee
  • experience and knowledge in best practice consumer engagement and implementation. 


Remuneration will be offered to Committee members and Chair in accordance with the VCCC Alliance Accounting and Financial Management Policy and related procedures. 

How to apply

Download a copy of the PAC Committee Member Position Overview and/or

Download a copy of the PAC Committee Chair Position Overview

Please complete the Expression of Interest form and submit your application and any questions by COB Friday 22 April 2022 to Dr Tilini Gunatillake, Patient Partnerships Lead, VCCC Alliance, [email protected] 

What happens next?                     

Suitable applicants will be contacted and invited to meet to learn more about the opportunity.

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