Sample payment forms

Establishing your own payment process may be aided by forms collated or created by the VCCC Alliance.

These forms are provided to consumers as part of their introduction ‘pack’ when they join a committee or working group - or when asked to lend their expertise at an hourly rate by an alliance program manager or communications person. There are factsheets available for consumers and a separate one for staff and organisations. These are a good guide to frequently asked questions when introducing consumer remuneration into an organisation.

VCCC Alliance Model of Consumer Engagement and Cost Model
Standardising what should be paid to individuals is assisted by the Model of Consumer Engagement and associated Cost Model.

Australian Taxation Office – Statement by a supplier form
An honorarium is not considered assessable income. The ATO Statement of Supplier form is used when services are provided without quoting an ABN and needs to state that the supply of services is made during an activity done as a private recreational pursuit or hobby. 

Consumer remuneration form
Similar to a timesheet, this is a functional form (see example filled in) that captures details of the activity undertaken.

Expense claim form
Facilitates the process of claiming travel, parking and other out-of-pocket expenses on evidence of payment. Scanned copies of receipts or claims for the use of private cars calculated in accordance with ATO guidelines are required.

The VCCC Alliance uses various other forms when inducting consumers who are involved at the governance level. These include conflict of interest and confidentiality agreement forms. They are not required when consumers are participating informally - such as when sharing a personal narrative at a forum or workshop.

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