Learning Hub

VCCC Alliance member staff, consumers and members of the cancer workforce can register for access to online learning resources from the VCCC Alliance Learning Hub.

The Learning Hub is a secure portal - hosted on the University of Melbourne's new Canvas Learning Management System. Resources may include medical content; this content is the intellectual property of the alliance.

A wide range of resources is available, including recently added short courses in effective communication, clinical trials and haematology and clinical trials.


Discover a series of online learning modules each providing information, resources and scenarios explaining the key fundamental activities of clinical trials.

There are currently seven online modules for the emerging clinical trial workforce in Victoria:

  • Feasibility to ethics approval
  • Governance to site initiation
  • From screening to participant enrolment
  • Managing a participant on a trial
  • From initiation to close-out
  • Problem-solving in clinical trials

There is also an additional module on the Teletrial approach, a flexible way to conducting clinical trials to overcome geographical barriers.


This is a new, free online course for health professionals who will most certainly encounter difficult conversations during their career. Knowing how to handle interactions appropriately, sensitively and professionally is important to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients and their carers.

You will be introduced to best-practice guidelines on how to handle these conversations, and will have the opportunity to practice your skills using a virtual-reality simulation. This course can be completed individually or adopted by teams in hospital, general practice and community settings. 


Discover videos and online learning modules providing an introductory overview of haematological diseases. These are designed to support health professionals involved in the care of haematology patients, and provide an update to accepted practice and ideas.

How to access

We are working on the new Centre for Cancer Education which will provide access to oncology based online courses, microcerts, webinars, workshops, podcasts and more. To hear the first about when this will be available register your interest.

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