Building Connectivity

Building connectivity, enhancing connections, networks and groups to support knowledge sharing and trans-disciplinary collaborations underpins the alliance's remit.

Connectivity is central to effective integration

The VCCC Alliance's ability to engage, understand and implement effective processes to build connectivity is central to effectively integrating research, education and clinical translation.

The Building Connectivity Program has been established to establish and strengthen an effective connecting organisation. The program enables development of a variety of mechanisms to reduce organisational boundaries and facilitate system-level collaboration.

Share knowledge, support development, connect collaboration

Through a coordinated approach, bringing together individuals and groups with shared interests, researchers and clinicians can share, learn, identify and solve problems, and ultimately, improve outcomes for patients.

  • Effective connections and communications will be achieved through activities that aim to:
  • Share information: communities of practice, special interest groups, face to face forums, online discussion groups, videoconferencing and teleconferencing
  • Support or development: preceptorship
  • Collaboration: new projects, research grants, data, information sharing and platforms

Get involved and start connecting

For further information, contact Kyleigh Smith, Associate Head, Education.

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