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Workshops/Webinars 2023

Nurses who work with people affected by cancer and who have an interest in building their clinical and research skills are invited to attend VCCC Alliance Nurse Led Research Hub workshops and webinars.

7 March (Registrations are open)
Cancer Nursing PhD Rapid Fire Presentations

16 March (Registrations are open)
Comprehensive patient assessment: seeing the whole picture

20 March (Registrations are open)
Monday Lunch Livestream: Ageism and Elder Abuse – Challenges to Cancer Care

4 May, 1 June, 6 July, 10 August, 7 September, 12 October
Developing skills for nurse-led practice change - Concept Development Workshop (Full Day workshops)

15 May
Cancer Nurses - Delivering innovations in cancer care and treatment (Surgical Oncology)

1 August
Great Patient Education

21 September
Cardiac-oncological toxicities - managing patients at risk of cadiac complications (Half Day workshop)

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