Clinical Trial Innovations

Driving an innovative, high-performance clinical trial sector through capacity building.

Clinical trials assess the success rate of treatments in humans. Access to research discoveries mean cancer patients can participate in cutting-edge treatments and ultimately contribute to improving patient outcomes.

But regulatory, logistical and communication issues, as well as trial design, can all stand in the way of effective clinical trial delivery. These barriers may restrict a patient's ability to access a trial, which can affect the cost of a trial, its ability to proceed, as well as the progression of the science to benefit more patients overall.

We're focused on reducing the barriers to clinical trial participation to ensure that the greatest number of patients are able to access trials across all of Victoria.

The multi-pronged approach will aim to:

  • strengthen clinical trial workforce knowledge and capability
  • identify and remove patient barriers to participation
  • enhance clinical trial units' capacity to deliver more clinical trials


"As consumers, we can help work towards ensuring future trials are far more equitable, less burdensome, and available to more people affected by cancer. Through informing, educating, and raising awareness of clinical trials, we can improve equity for consumers affected by cancer.”

- Wendy Benson and Kathleen Wilkins, Consumer Representatives

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