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Expert advice for researchers to access a big data platform capable of linking primary care and hospital data for cancer research.

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Welcome to Data Connect – a research project incubator enabling research into the reasons for delayed cancer diagnosis and quality of life after treatment.

About Data Connect

Data Connect is a major collaboration between the VCCC Alliance, the University of Melbourne, hospitals and BioGrid Australia, that has enabled the linking of primary care and hospital data for the first time in Australia.

Our team of experts provide advice and support to researchers planning a cancer research project, to help them access and analyse the data. The capability of this resource is particularly suited to research examining cancer across the patient’s whole journey – from pre-diagnosis to diagnosis and treatment, to post-treatment including survivorship and palliative care.

Our team can:

  • help researchers test the feasibility of their research question, assessing if there is sufficient primary care data that can be linked to hospital data
  • Provide information about the process to apply for linked data, the costs, and the governance and ethics requirements
  • Collaborate to progress cancer research with linked data.


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