Maarten IJzerman

Professor Maarten IJzerman

BA MSc PhD Academic Lead, Health Services Research
Alliance position: Chair of Cancer Health Services Research, University of Melbourne and Western Health View alliance profile

Maarten J. IJzerman is the VCCC Alliance professor and head of Cancer Health Services Research in the University of Melbourne, Centre for Cancer Research and Centre for Health Policy. He also holds a fractional appointment as a professor in the University of Twente supervising a research program on the health economic impact of liquid biopsies in cancer management. Maarten is co-chairing the data-driven cancer health services research hub and is using linked data-sets and clinical registries for his research on dynamic treatment pathways for cancer patients.

Maarten is a (co-) Principal Investigator (PI) on several investigator-initiated studies such as the CTC-STOP trial (Institute of Cancer Research, London) and STIC trial (Institut Curie, Paris) evaluating the clinical use of circulating tumor cells. He is a co-PI of the Canadian-Dutch UCAN-CANDU and the Genome Canada funded UCAN-CURE study, working on the application of precision medicine in juvenile arthritis. Maarten is a global leader in the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research, and as such promotes active collaboration between ISPOR and the European Cancer Organisation (ECCO) on systems analysis of value-based cancer care.

In 2016, he joined the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Cancer Medicines working group dealing with the disparities in access to cancer drugs. He is a board member of two Dutch hospitals, mainly responsible for quality and safety and strategy/innovation. In Australia, he is a member of the Biogrid business advisory board, the MACH Health Services and Clinical Informatics Committee and the Health Services Improvement and Sustainability committee of the Australian Health Research Alliance (AHRA).

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