The Victorian COVID-19 Cancer Network (VCCN) Taskforce meets regularly to discuss sector issues, considers clinical care and research guidance recommendations, as well as challenges in delivering patients outcomes.

The following resolutions have been raised by VCCN members and expert groups; reviewed and approved by the Taskforce.

Clinical trials

26 May 2020

The VCCN Taskforce strongly discourages the re-consenting of patients for the purpose of allowing all required records to be accessed remotely, as it is not required as per the guidelines produced by all state and territory departments of health, NHMRC, TGA and the clinical trials project reference group. It is also seen as unnecessarily burdensome according to VCCN patient representatives.


20 May 2020

The VCCN Taskforce advocates for permanent instatement of the temporary MBS telehealth items with bulk-billing provisions for GPs, medical practitioners, nurse practitioners and allied health providers for cancer patients, beyond 30 September 2020, in accordance with relevant professional standards, where clinically appropriate and in consideration of the patients' best interests.

Cancer Screening

2 May 2020

The VCCN Taskforce is greatly concerned about falling pathology notifications for cancer and strongly recommends recommencement of cancer screening programs and access to cancer diagnostic services as a priority.

Access to Health Services

2 May 2020

The VCCN Taskforce strongly advises the community to access their GPs and health services promptly for all health issues related to a suspected or confirmed cancer diagnosis in recognition of the high level of safety provided by Victorian medical practices and hospitals.

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