HREC Executive Officer

This position may provide expert advice to investigators seeking to undertake clinical trials within health service organisations in accordance with the NHMRC: National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research, the NHMRC: Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Researchnational regulation and legislation, and jurisdictional policies.

The HREC Executive Officer provides secretariat support for a Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC), and sub-committees as applicable, and may undertake functions including:

  • Documenting HREC decisions and maintain a current record in the designated IT system
  • Managing approved clinical trial amendments
  • Managing annual progress reports and final reports
  • Assisting in the preparation of annual HREC activity reports to the governing body and NHMRC, as required
  • Managing the process to undertake appeals and notification of complaints, misconduct and conflicts of interest
  • Providing advice on strategies to promote awareness of the ethical conduct of clinical trials and clinical trials