Knowledge products

Online resources and toolkits

VCCC collaborations have generated a range of new tools and resources. These knowledge products promote sharing and dissemination of information and increase capability across the sector.

yellow arrowAdolescent and Young Adults

Low clinical trial participation for adolescent and young adults (AYA) is attributed to barriers such as lack of understanding, access to children’s hospitals, age eligibility and levels of collaboration between paediatric and adult oncology researchers. The AYA toolkit addresses these barriers, providing an ethics and governance guideline, standard operating procedure (SOP) and form, as well as a link to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidance for inclusion.

yellow arrowConsumer Engagement

The role of consumer representatives within the Australian healthcare system has evolved significantly over past decades. Meaningful partnerships now functionally benefit the community and those involved in advancing cancer research, education and clinical care. The VCCC’s consumer engagement toolkit shares what the VCCC has learned and provides tips and tools to help others improve practices in developing consumer-led research with patients and carers.

yellow arrowInvestigator-Initiated Trials

Investigator-initiated trials (IITs) are established and managed by non-pharmaceutical researchers, such as clinicians and researchers working in a health institution. The Investigator-Initiated Trials toolkit brings together resources and guidance for researchers to understand the clinical trial life cycle - from idea to implementation, and provide access to advisory guidance, links, downloadable resources and process graphics.

yellow arrowScientists in the Clinic

Providing scientists with the opportunity to shadow clinicians as they attend outpatient clinics, multidisciplinary meetings and ward rounds, gives them clinical insights and perspectives that enhance the context of their research. The Scientisit in the Clinic toolkit aims to provide organisations with the key considerations and resources to develop their own preceptorship program within specific contexts.

yellow arrowTeletrials

Knowledge teletrialsA teletrial allows a primary clinical trial site to enrol, consent and treat patients on clinical trials in partnership with multiple satellite sites. Resources, guidance and a framework are available for Victorian clinical research sites to deliver a trial through the teletrial approach, meeting regulatory and legal requirements, including Good Clinical Practice (GCP).

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