Supporters and Networks

As an alliance organisation; support, networks, participation and involvement is critical to the VCCC Alliance’s success. To have the greatest possible impact, the VCCC Alliance actively develops relationships and works with organisations across the cancer, health and biomedical sector to increase knowledge, resources and collaborations.


Our supporters invest in programs of work, infrastructure development and education activities. This funding means the VCCC Alliance can broaden programs, enhance connections and advance key priorities.

Victorian Government 

The VCCC Alliance Strategic Research Plan 2017-20 is supported by the Victorian Government. The government has invested $30 million to map a structured approach to addressing the big cancer challenges with the aim of delivering long-lasting benefits.

Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) 

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation awarded the University of Melbourne and the VCCC Alliance $2 million to establish the ACRF Translational Proteomic Facility. This facility supports preclinical research and clinical trials of targeted cancer therapeutics by providing custom-designed, quantitative analyses of complex mixtures of proteins from human cell lines, xenografts and tissue samples.

Picchi Brothers Foundation Inc. 

Future leaders in cancer are supported by the Picchi Brothers Foundation through sponsorship of ‘The Picchi Brothers Award for Excellence in Cancer Research’. This award acknowledges outstanding contributions made students during their PhD study in the cancer field and supports their transition to research independence.

Steer North 

The Steer North VCCC Alliance PhD Scholarship at the University of Melbourne is made possible by a generous $100,000 donation from Steer North. The scholarship supports a talented student to undertake cancer research at one of the member organisations of the VCCC Alliance.


The VCCC Alliance is a member of several organisations to reinforce collective representation and ensure program outcomes benefit our community in Victoria, nationally and internationally.


BioGrid Australia 

A federated data sharing platform for collaborative translational health and medical research providing a secure infrastructure that advances health research.

Convergence Science Network 

Promotes an awareness and understanding of advances in science and technology, how they are impacting our lives and how they make a valuable contribution  to society.

Union for International Cancer Control (UICC)

Represents the world’s major cancer societies, ministries of health and patient groups and includes influential policy makers, researchers and experts in cancer prevention and control.