What is the VCCC Alliance?

An overview of our genesis, members and mission to change the way we tackle cancer in Victoria.

Meet the Alliance Members

The VCCC Alliance is Australia’s first and most ambitious comprehensive cancer centre: a joint venture of 10 member institutions, integrating cancer research, education and clinical care.

Our members are academic, clinical and medical research institutions that are each leaders in their own right. The alliance brings the strengths of these organisations together, generating a critical mass of expertise, patient numbers and resources, underpinned by a pledge to work collaboratively towards shared goals in cancer control.

Our approach of dynamic, inclusive, system-level collaboration coupled with world-class cancer education and the involvement of consumers, helps to accelerate the translation of scientific evidence into better outcomes for all Victorians affected by cancer.


The vision of the VCCC Alliance is that this inclusive, innovative and collaborative integration of cancer research, education and patient care will save and improve lives.

By leveraging collective strengths and working collaboratively with the Victorian Government and others in the sector, the alliance is fundamentally changing the way we tackle cancer.

Our approach is bold, patient-centred, and aims to help ensure that all Victorians have equitable access to the best cancer care possible.

We call this approach collective impact.

Our Members

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