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12 May 2022

Introducing the VCCC Alliance

  • VCCC Alliance

Have you seen our new VCCC Alliance brand awareness campaign popping up in your social media feeds or on medical news sites?

Last week we launched our first brand awareness campaign: ‘Introducing the VCCC Alliance’ to counter lingering confusion about what we are (a building? a precinct? a new name for Peter Mac? – hint, none of those). The aim is to improve understanding of who is part of the alliance, and our place in the cancer medical research and health system.

Now that we are officially named VCCC Alliance (differentiated from the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre which refers to the building facility), this simple campaign is focused on clear messages about the alliance, highlighting the 10 members and some of our unique, collaborative characteristics.

A suite of animated and still graphic ads and social posts will roll out over the next couple of months.


There are five executions communicating different aspects of the alliance and our ‘reasons for being’. Based around one core creative concept with a variety of supporting messages, the story builds from very basic to more nuanced messages.

See the five short animations in this YouTube playlist 

If you see the campaign in your social feed, please give it a like or share it with your network, and help us build awareness of what the VCCC Alliance is about and how we are working to overcome cancer together. 

For more information about the campaign or to request assets to share please contact our Head of Communications and Community, Avalee Weir.

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