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08 Sep 2021

VCCC Alliance Annual Report 2020-21

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The Great Reset

The theme for the VCCC Alliance’s Annual Report 2020-21 is The Great Reset, reflecting the progression from our Strategic Research Plan 2017-20 to our new Strategic Program Plan, overlaid by our experiences and lessons as research, health and academic institutions during a pandemic.

In FY 20/21, the remaining objectives for the Strategic Research Plan 2017-20 were realised and the final evaluation was submitted to the Victorian Department of Health in October 2020.

As we celebrated the achievements of one strategic roadmap, we were crafting a plan for the next. We are now embarking on the next step-change in research-led, consumer-engaged, cancer education, prevention, detection, treatment and care, guided by the Strategic Program Plan 2020-24.

The pandemic highlighted the alliance’s value as a collective impact organisation, demonstrated by our efforts around a common agenda and communicating broadly through the framework of the Victorian COVID-19 Cancer Network (VCCN). This advocacy and information sharing will continue as we strive to mitigate systems and workforce pressures.

Thanks to so many across the alliance and beyond, we are closer to improving the lives of people affected by cancer.

Read the VCCC Alliance Annual Report 2020-21.

Download Annual Report Highlights 2020-21 pdf

Image: VCCC Alliance consumer representative, George Kiossoglou with Dr Keely Bumsted O’Brien, Head Scientific Education WEHI and Dr Stephen Mieruszynski, Senior Postdoctoral Fellow, WEHI