Master of Cancer Sciences

The Master of Cancer Sciences from the University of Melbourne is Australia’s first cancer-specific, multidisciplinary, flexible wholly online program.

Graduates will possess an unprecedented breadth of integrated cancer knowledge and skills to deliver best practice cancer care in research, clinical and academic environments.

Online graduate courses at the University of Melbourne run on a four-term structure rather than a semester structure which means students can enrol in January, April, June and September.


A masters-level qualification is essential to career progression in oncology and often required for professional accreditation. World-leading content experts from across the VCCC Alliance and the University of Melbourne have developed the Master of Cancer Sciences.

Course co-convenors

Head and shoulders image, Professor Grant McArthur

Professor Grant McArthur
Executive Director
VCCC Alliance

Head and shoulders image, Dr David Kok

Associate Professor David Kok
Radiation Oncologist
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

The Master of Cancer Sciences is an innovative, multidisciplinary program designed to enhance and update cancer care practitioners’ knowledge of the rapidly evolving fields of clinical care and cancer research.

The program is delivered in a fully flexible, wholly online format. It is designed to be completed by professionals with busy work schedules part-time in 24 months.

Shorter programs are also available, including a six-month Specialist Certificate or 12-month Graduate Certificate. Both programs retain the option of completing the full masters at a later stage.

Program delivery

  • Short online presentations from world-leading industry experts
  • Real-time interactive and engaging digital workshops and webinars
  • Evidence-based case studies to contextualise content in real world scenarios
  • Learning content delivered through innovative and contemporary eLearning tools

The program is open to clinicians and scientists from multidisciplinary fields of study including; surgical oncology, radiation oncology, medical oncology, allied health, nursing, haematology, clinical trials, general practice and other health professions in cancer care.

Available internationally, the Master of Cancer Sciences offers graduates the unique opportunity to learn and connect with cancer care professionals all over the globe.

Interested? Register for information

Register your interest in the course through the University of Melbourne, Master of Cancer Sciences online graduate course guide.

To learn more, contact the University of Melbourne student support team via email or phone 03 8344 0149.


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