Workshops and courses

The Hub offers the following opportunities for nurses to develop research skills.

Online course: Essential Research Skills for Clinical Nurses

Developed by the Nurse-Led Research Hub and available on Melbourne University’s Mobile Learning Unit, this course is for clinical nurses who want to establish or strengthen essential research skills. It introduces the fundamental concepts of research – what each nurse needs to know to influence and contribute to evidence-informed practice change.

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Workshops: Developing Skills for Nurse-Led Practice Change

Our workshop series helps nurses develop skills to clarify their clinical questions and build a project to explore, address, or evaluate their initiatives. No previous practice change experience is needed – just a desire to ask questions, to learn how to answer those questions, and a drive to improve care. 

Upcoming events

Nurses who work with people affected by cancer and who have an interest in building their clinical and research skills are invited to attend the VCCC Alliance Nurse-Led Research Hub workshops and webinars.

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Hear from previous workshop participants

"I think the struggle with research is not necessarily understanding the concepts but being able to practically develop achievable questions and outcome measures and it was great to be able to tease these out in the workshops with some of the group’s real-life examples." (Developing Skills for Nurse-Led Practice Change Workshop)

"Loved the workshops (and I often don't)... The presenters were knowledgeable and created a safe space to learn and ask questions. The participants were also inclusive and supportive.” (Literature Reviews Workshop)

"Research is so overwhelming, but this course allowed all the concepts to fall into place - I feel as though I understand how it all fits together now and the processes." (Developing Skills for Nurse-Led Practice Change Workshop)

"Usually by the end of these sessions you can feel overwhelmed, and tired from the content but really now I just want to know more"(Developing Skills for Nurse-Led Practice Change Workshop)

"Engaging presenter, provided practical and relatable examples to describe complex themes.” (Qualitative Essentials Workshop)

"Helped my understanding - gave me the confidence to see that we are just as important in research." (Developing Skills for Nurse-Led Practice Change Workshop)

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