Addressing Cancer Inequities

World Indigenous Cancer Conference 2024

The VCCC Alliance warmly invites you to attend the third World Indigenous Cancer Conference, bringing together speakers from around the world. The theme of the 2024 conference is Process, Progress, Power.

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Building capability and capacity across the VCCC Alliance and beyond to improve equity in cancer outcomes.

Cancer care is not experienced equally by all Victorians, and that gap is widening.

We need to urgently understand why some in our community are underserved by the current systems of cancer care and work to develop effective responses for all people, regardless of geography, social, cultural, physical or economic circumstances.

Through having an explicit focus on addressing inequities in cancer outcomes, we will build on existing achievements, knowledge, resources and data.

We are primarily focused on overcoming the disparities in cancer-related health research and care to contribute to reducing inequities in cancer outcomes for vulnerable populations.

"As a proud Wemba Wemba woman, and a person living with cancer for more than a decade, I have witnessed the difference in cancer care for people in vulnerable groups. By listening to the voices of patients and their communities this program can build sustainable health equity: a human right for all."

- Melissa Sheldon, Consumer Representative

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