Support Mechanisms

The Investigator-Initiated Trial Capacity Building Program aims to facilitate:

  • High-quality investigator-initiated clinical trials conducted in Victoria
  • An increased number of Victorian cancer patients enrolled in clinical trials
  • Improved quality and increased quantity of evidence for practice change
  • An increased number of experienced clinical trial investigators
  • Development of high-quality, consistent start-up processes for investigator-initiated clinical trials
  • Promotion of consistent data collection for non-commercial trials

Support mechanisms provide a coordinated approach

The VCCC Alliance cancer research community determined a lack of capacity for investigator-initiated trials as their most frequently identified unmet need.

The VCCC Alliance Investigator-Initiated Trial Capacity Building Program provides access to:

  • Knowledge Bank: advice and coaching for investigators to develop novel trials concepts through to the development of clinical trial protocols.
  • Trial Assistance Scheme: trial management, site management and biostatistical support for selected projects that are judged by an independent review panel to have the greatest potential to impact clinical care.

The program is being rolled out in stages to allow for support mechanism assessment.

Stage 1: Enhancing a fully-funded concept (closed)

Stage 2a: Idea generation to protocol development (closed)

Stage 2b: VCCC Alliance Knowledge Bank and Trials Assistance Scheme (closed)

Stage 2c: Expert support and capability build (closed)

Contact for further information

Got a question? Check out the frequently asked questions page first.

For further information regarding the program and application support, contact Mark Buzza, Head, Clinical Research Programs, phone: 03 8559 9061.

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