Teletrial Toolkit

Explore a tailor-made suite of educational modules, resources and information to start and run a teletrial.

How to use the toolkit

The teletrial toolkit provides access to education, resources and information on teletrials. It aims to guide the user through the implementation of a teletrial from beginning to end for a range of audiences.

Select your role in a clinical trial and follow the stages of a teletrial to find the relevant information.

Patients and Families

Patients and Families

Find out how you can participate more easily in a clinical trial no matter where you live.


Find out how teletrials are set up and run including the most up-to-date information and resources.
Teletrial Toolkit Education Modules

Explore the VCCC Alliance Centre for Cancer Education to discover tailor-made teletrial educational modules and resources.

Developing the teletrial toolkit

The Teletrial Toolkit and education modules were developed in collaboration and consultation with Victorian and National stakeholders.

Teletrial Expert group:

  • Donna Long (Network Manager, Regional Trials Network – Victoria)
  • Narelle McPhee (Cancer Research Manager, Bendigo Cancer Centre)
  • Heidi Gaulke (Manager, Office for Research, Austin Health)
  • Ashlin Keane (Ethics Submission Specialist, Cancer Trials Australia)
  • Melanie Poxton (ADON, Qld Regional Clinical trial Coordinating Centre (QRCCC))
  • Dr Kara Burns (Centre for Digital Transformation of Health, University of Melbourne)
  • William Evans (Teletrial Toolkit Development Coordinator, Parkville Cancer Clinical Trials Unit)

The Teletrial Toolkit has been supported by the Victorian Teletrial Collaborative (VCCC Alliance, TrialHub and Regional Trials Network Victoria).

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The Teletrial Toolkit has been supported by experts from the following additional organisations:

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