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Data Connect facilitates access to a big data platform – the product of the collaboration between VCCC Alliance, BioGrid, and University of Melbourne. BioGrid Australia’s data-sharing platform uses deidentification and linkage software to unlock:

  • General practice data
  • BioGrid Australia’s established, ethically-approved linkage and access infrastructure

The platform is housed in a secure research environment at the University of Melbourne.

DDRH graphic health system integration

Data Connect can help cancer research projects investigating the cancer continuum of care using linked data sets. 



New logoThe VCCC Alliance is a powerful partnership between 10 leading research, academic and clinical institutions working together to expedite and amplify leading-edge cancer research, knowledge and expertise to improve outcomes for people affected by cancer.

Through innovation and collaboration, our alliance is leading integrated, research-driven, consumer-informed cancer research, education and patient care.

biogrid logoBioGrid Australia represents more than 75 Australian hospitals and research organisations, operating a federated data-sharing platform for translational health and medical research. The organisation provides secure infrastructure, linking privacy-protected and ethically approved health data. BioGrid has an overarching agreement with its members (including all VCCC alliance partners) which allows researchers to access authorised data. Each member retains custodianship of its own data.

Supported by the VCCC Alliance, BioGrid enables Principal Investigators, researchers and clinicians to link, join, manipulate and display ethically gathered data in a way that has never been possible before. With BioGrid, researchers will experience shorter lead time from project commencement to data analyses.

University of MelbourneThe University of Melbourne's Cancer in Primary Care Research Group conducts research covering the role of primary care across the cancer continuum. This includes studies on cancer screening, cancer diagnosis and survivorship care. The group also examines potential causes of poorer cancer outcomes in specific populations, including rural and culturally and linguistically diverse communities

This website will keep an up-to-date list of current projects undertaken within Data Connect.

Data for Decisions and the Patron Program is a University of Melbourne, Department of General Practice research initiative in partnership with general practices in Australia. It is an exciting undertaking that enables primary care research projects to increase knowledge and improve healthcare practices and policy. The partnership aims to benefit general practices as well as the wider community.

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