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What is Data Connect?

Data Connect is a service for medical researchers.  Researchers can contact our team for help to access data for their research projects. It is the first time in Australia that researchers are able to access data from both general practice clinics and hospitals for cancer research.

What is health data?

The health information, or data we refer to on this website page is gathered from general practitioners (GPs) and hospitals. The type of data collected includes information about immunisations, prescribed medicines, illnesses, test results, height, weight and blood pressure, and lifestyle factors, like smoking. It also includes information about diagnoses, test results, and treatments from hospital visits.  

Is the data private and secure?

All stored data has had identifying factors like name, age, and address removed. This data is referred to as ‘deidentified’. The data is stored on a technical platform in a secure environment at the University of Melbourne, with data linked by BioGrid Australia. Click here for more about privacy and security.

Who can access the data?

Only researchers who are approved by an ethics committee to be involved in the research can access the specific data that is related to their specific area of study.

For more detailed information about how the data housed at BioGrid Australia is collected by GPs and hospitals, and how to find out if your data is included in this, click below to download the additional factsheet.

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