What data is available?

Linking primary care and hospital data for the first time 

Data Connect can help researchers access – for the first time – linked primary care and hospital data. This data includes:

Primary care data sets

Note: Access to these data sets requires a separate application process

  • MedicineInsight is a database containing de-identified electronic health records (EHRs) from over 700 Australian general practices. It is one of the largest and most widely used primary health care EHR databases in Australia.
  • Patron Data for Decisions, incorporating the Patron program of research, is a University of Melbourne, Department of General Practice research initiative in partnership with Australian general practices. It is an exciting undertaking that enables primary care research projects to increase knowledge and improve healthcare practices and policy. The partnership aims to bring benefit to general practices and the wider community.

Hospital data sets

Many of the VCCC Alliance member hospitals are sharing or preparing to share admissions, emergency and outpatient data, and specific clinical registry data.

Any research using hospital datasets must be approved by the relevant data custodian.

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