The engine of excellence

Excellence in cancer education is a foundational pillar of the VCCC Alliance’s work and a key enabler of the world-class research translation and patient outcomes that we help foster.

This year, as we implement our Strategic Program Plan 2021-24, a major, behind-the-scenes focus has been the development of a new, online VCCC Alliance Centre for Cancer Education in partnership with the University of Melbourne. This is an ambitious undertaking that will take our dynamic education programming to a new level. Importantly, it will create a platform that makes our ever-expanding catalogue of content accessible to more cancer practitioners across the state, the country and even overseas.

This accessibility is fundamental to our aim of sharing knowledge and expertise so it can benefit all.

With the virtual centre set to launch by the end of 2022, we are excited about the possibilities this presents for further innovation and collaboration, and the growth of our education outreach.

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Passing the leadership baton

Guiding the strategy for this exciting new phase will fall to the new Chair of the VCCC Alliance Cancer Education and Training Committee (CETAC), Associate Professor David Kok, Campus Director and Head of Radiation Oncology Service at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Monash Campus, and Associate Director of Radiation Oncology (Education) at Peter Mac Parkville.

Associate Professor Kok takes the reins from Associate Professor Kylie Mason, who completed her four-year tenure in June 2022. Professor Mason oversaw an extraordinary period of growth for the VCCC Alliance’s education offering, which – despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic – delivered an ambitious program of work and went above and beyond to achieve new levels of attendance and participation.

“The collaborative nature of the VCCC Alliance means it is uniquely positioned to deliver world-class educational programs by bringing together the internationally renowned expertise of the 10 partners. It also enables an innovative education agenda that will provide unparalleled experiences for learners while simultaneously ensuring the knowledge can be shared broadly and equitably.” – Associate Professor David Kok, new Chair of CETAC.

Monday Lunch Livestream

Monday Lunch Livestream (MLL) is a mainstay of our free, open access education offering. Since our first MLL in February 2017 we have now delivered 213 of these popular lectures attracting a total audience of 18,704 viewers. Every week, we provide a platform for cancer researchers, clinicians, advocates, consumers, and educators to share updates on the hottest topics in cancer, attracting a large and varied audience.

Most MLL lectures are recorded and shared via our website and YouTube channel, providing a back catalogue of educational content that is a comprehensive resource for all.

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