Strategic Program Plan 2021-24

In 2020, the Victorian Government committed $27 million to the development and execution of the new VCCC Alliance Strategic Program Plan 2021-24, which sets out a roadmap of integrated, innovative and ambitious programs that tackle the complexities of cancer outcomes in Victoria.

Download the condensed four-page version of our new plan here.

Better identification, treatment and management of cancer in Victoria has resulted in vast improvements in overall cancer survival. The latest five-year survival rates are 69 per cent for 2013-18. New technologies, discoveries and better evidence-based care are extending lives and improving quality of life for people living with, and beyond, cancer.

Despite these advances, cancer remains a major health problem and the disparities are widening. Cancer type, where a person lives, their cultural identity and their socio-economic status are key determinants of outcomes.

The mission of the VCCC Alliance is to harness the capabilities of our members to position Victoria as a trailblazer in research-led, consumer-engaged, cancer education, prevention, detection, treatment and care.

The Strategic Program Plan 2021-24 aims to accomplish this mission by focussing on four key themes:

  1. DISCOVERY - Drive the next generation of discoveries that address critical cancer challenges, through collaboration
  2. ACCELERATION - Accelerate the implementation of evidence and value-based cancer care into routine practice
  3. EQUITY - Pursue equity in access of cancer care and outcomes for all Victorians affected by cancer
  4. LEADERSHIP - Foster an outstanding cancer workforce to help maintain and enhance world leading patient outcomes

To deliver this the VCCC Alliance has drawn upon the collective knowledge, know-how and resources of its members and networks. Designed to support delivery of the Victorian Cancer Plan, the result is a comprehensive plan that capitalises on foundations built by previous programs and initiatives. Guided by expert steering committees, the new plan will deliver meaningful gains and progress towards the overarching purpose of the VCCC Alliance – to improve outcomes for Victorians affected by cancer.

More than 250 people from 35 organisations contributed to the development of this plan, and 130 experts will guide the programs' implementation as members of steering groups over the next three years.

Download the VCCC Alliance Strategic Program Plan 2021-24

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