Strategic Planning

In 2016, the Victorian Government allocated $30 million over three years to the VCCC Alliance to develop a Strategic Research Plan (SRP) addressing key opportunities for improvement in cancer research capability, development of clinical trials, workforce development and leadership.

This was shaped by the VCCC Alliance Strategic Plan 2016-20 which set goals for effective sharing of clinical and research data, to support better, more integrated research and clinical care.

In 2020, the Victorian Government invested a further $27 million in the VCCC Alliance to build on the achievements to date. This has enabled the development of a comprehensive strategic roadmap, aligned with the State Government’s Victorian Cancer Plan, to accelerate progress in key areas. The VCCC Alliance Strategic Program Plan 2021-24 is an ambitious, integrated plan that systematically addresses some complex issues and challenges with the enduring aim of improving outcomes for people affected by cancer.

The VCCC Alliance Strategy on a Page


Download a copy of the VCCC Alliance Strategy on a Page

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