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16 May 2022
  • VCCC Alliance
  • Walter and Eliza Hall Institute

New trial Methodologies – Registry Trials and Teletrials

Monday Lunch Livestream with Dr Vanessa Wong and Ms Kylie Shackleton

Join Dr Vanessa Wong (Clinical Research Fellow and Medical Oncologist, WEHI) and Ms Kylie Shackleton (Deputy Manager, Parkville Cancer Clinical Trials Unit), who will summarise the key learnings from running tele-trials, including the operational considerations.

Presenters will navigate through the development of a supervision plan (found in the VCCC Alliance tele-trials toolkit)  required for both primary and satellite sites to conduct a teletrial.

In conjunction with WEHI, the VCCC Alliance Registry Based Trials Program has four open recruiting trials with many more in the pipeline. There is an increase in the conduct of tele-trials in Victoria with the VCCC Alliance tele-trials project and the statewide collaborative effort to streamline tele-trial operations.

The Registry Based Trials Program combines conventional trial methodology with registry systems to produce real-world clinical evidence. Registry based trials integrate the high internal validity (elimination of bias) of randomised clinical trials with the high external validity (applicable to a clinical setting) associated with enrolling real-world patients through a registry.

Dr Vanessa Wong
Clinical Research Fellow and Medical Oncologist, WEHI

Dr Vanessa Wong is a clinical research fellow in breast and colorectal cancer at Peter Gibbs Lab at WEHI (Personalised Oncology Division). There she focuses on comprehensive registries and increasing the visibility of registry based randomised controlled trials. She is also the Chair of the VCCC Alliance Registry Trial Expansion Committee and the Co-chair of the Regional Trials Network Registry Trial Committee. Vanessa’s other appointments are as a general medical oncologist at Ballarat Health Services, and a MD clinical tutor at the University of Melbourne.

Kylie Shackleton
Deputy Manager, Parkville Cancer Clinical Trials Unit

Kylie Shackleton has 10 years clinical trials experience and is currently the Deputy Manager at the Parkville Clinical Trials Unit. She has led initiatives in the development in the adoption and implementation of tele-trials across Victoria. As a member of VCCC Alliance’s tele-trials group and the Victorian Tele-trials Collaborative, Kylie is leading work on educational tools to enhance the implementation of tele-trials through the VCCC Alliance tele-trials toolkit.

For further information please contact vccc-alliance@unimelb.edu.au

Monday 16 May 2022

This virtual event will be hosted via Zoom. Zoom is accessible on your computer, tablet or phone via the Zoom app. If you have any issues with this platform on your device, please visit the Zoom support site. Alternatively please contact your IT administrator.

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