PEN-TEST: Penile and Testicular Cancer Multidisciplinary Forum

A VCCC Alliance and Monash Partners Comprehensive Cancer Consortium (MPCCC) collaboration, PEN-TEST (Penile and Testicular Cancer Multidisciplinary Forum) is a fortnightly state-wide forum that provides expert advice and discussion on the clinical implications of penile and testicular cancer cases across Victoria.

Each case is discussed on an individual, de-identified basis. PEN-TEST meetings will also feature an educational presentation and research opportunity.

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Discussion and assessment of molecular pathology results

PEN-TEST is co-chaired by Dr Benjamin Thomas (MPCCC, Royal Melbourne Hospital) and Dr David Campbell (Barwon Health), with an expert group comprising clinical and scientific staff from across Victoria providing opinion on each case. 

PEN-TEST educational and research presentations provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about penile and testicular cancer treatment and care and learn about the most recent research in the rare cancer space.  PEN-TEST welcomes referrals from any clinician or multi-disciplinary team in Victoria and applications to submit a case for discussion can be submitted using the ‘case form application template’ on the VCCC Alliance website.

Clinicians, scientists and students (from any organisation) are welcome to apply to attend the meetings, which are held on the second and fourth Monday of every month from 5.00—6.00pm.

Meeting details

If you would like to apply to register for these meetings and be added to the mailing list to receive meeting agendas, or have other enquiries, please contact Jessica Freeman, VCCC Alliance Regional Innovations Project Manager E: [email protected].

Case submissions

We welcome cases from clinicians whose patients have had penile or testicular cancer. Experts will provide advice and opinion regarding the clinical implications of the pathology findings. Wherever possible, referring clinicians will also be advised on appropriate available clinical trials.

To submit a case to the PEN-TEST, please contact Jessica Freeman, VCCC Alliance Regional Innovations Project Manager E: [email protected].

A VCCC Alliance and Monash Partners Comprehensive Cancer Consortium (MPCCC) collaboration

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